Wheelchair Rugby

We will tackle any physical, logistical or psychological barriers that are most likely to prevent children with disabilities from accessing physical activities.

By giving free access to our programme, we will ensure that our target beneficiaries foster essential social and interpersonal skills (i.e independence, coping abilities, competitiveness and teamwork), improve social awareness and self-esteem. Integrating children from different schools in a fun and inclusive environment will increase social interaction and empower them to build strong relationships.

  • Current delivery is funded through Children in Need for a year’s programme
  • Extra Curricular
  • 5 a side sessions
  • Integration programme between SEN and Mainstream schools

The project will also address some of the key findings from a recent English Federation for Disability Sport (EFDS) report identifies over half of children with disabilities do not enjoy PE at school (EFDS 2015). Our experienced coaches will tackle common misconceptions related to physical activity for people with disabilities by creating a fun and inclusive environment for our new curricular sessions which will cater for many pupils' needs. Teachers will be trained so they have a better understanding of adapted physical activity and create a better connection with their pupils. In addition, Salford Red Devils players and representatives will visit each school, with an aim to inspire, motivate and encourage children to be physically active on a regular basis.

Our project will improve the awareness, communication and provision of adapted and accessible physical activity opportunities across the Salford area. With this approach in mind, we will enable our target beneficiaries to reach suitable levels of exercise, thus preventing unhealthy, sedentary behaviour. This will decrease the risk of obesity and other secondary health conditions which often affect people with disabilities.
The project will build on the current work of physiotherapists as physical activity is often included in treatment plans for children with disabilities. Physiotherapists see a lot of care value in physical activity as it has the potential to achieve a wide range of treatment goals (improved range of movement, cardiovascular/respiratory function or to minimise complications of the condition/disability) (EFDS 2014).

For more information on how to get involved please contact John Blackburn on 0161 786 1591 or john.blackburn@salfordreddevils.net