1 Year On: The Social Inclusion Project Lloyds TSB


Social Inclusion Project With Lloyds TSB Celebrates 1st Anniversary


Salford Red Devils Foundation are celebrating hitting the half way point in our Salford Social Inclusion project, delivered in conjunction with Lloyds TSB Foundation and Greater Manchester Police. Over the previous12 month and following year, SRDF work across Salford, but primarily in the Pendleton area, to provide local young people with otherwise inaccessible opportunities.

The aim of the project is to identify young people and use the vehicle of the local professional rugby league club to increase aspirations from life of these young people. Working with local employers such as Securitas and educational establishments such as Salford City College and Salford University, the Foundation will help 100s of local residents to not only improve their skills but gain meaningful employment.

This was an area activity both us at the Salford Red Devils Foundation and our sponsors, such as Lloyds TSB Foundation and the Together Housing Trust, were keen to get involved with following the need highlighted by the summer riots of 2011.

Hazel Blears, Labour MP for Salford and Eccles, said: “The Salford Red Devils Foundation does some really valuable work in the community and it is fantastic to see this project up and running in Pendleton. It will give the young people involved a positive focus through sport and will also help to develop their skills in an enjoyable way. I am sure the scheme will lead to many success stories.”

SRDFoundation Manager Mark Brocklehurst was keen to stress, “Here at the foundation there is a real emphasis on working with younger people in order to enrich their lives and future prospects through sport, work and education activities, hopefully keeping them away from the pitfalls that can affect disadvantaged youth.

“We achieve this through our range of social inclusion projects in the area, such as sports coaching and other activities, as well as running events, sessions and education courses from our community offices. It’s an area we’re incredibly proud of which saw us awarded with the Salford Business Community Award for 2013”.

While this area of work is not without its difficulties, we have successfully seen a promising number of young members of our community progress into further education and employment, supported by our social inclusion program.

For further information, please contact us at our offices on 0161 820 2739, or visit us on Facebook or Twitter (@SRDFoundation)