1,150 Salford Stoptober quitters told to keep going!


Month long stop smoking campaign hailed as huge success

28-day quitters will add years to their lives and money to their wallets


1,150 people in Salford, and over 5,000 people across Lancashire, joined a quarter of a million people in the UK choosing to turn their back on cigarettes this month in the mass 28-day stop smoking challenge, Stoptober.

Research shows that stopping smoking for 28 days can extend your life by up to one week if you remain smokefree.

The new ex-smokers across Salford are celebrating their first steps towards a healthier, smokefree life, and if they succeed in quitting for good, they could collectively add as much as 538 years of life to the population.

Health Officer for the Salford Red Devils Foundation said, “It’s a fantastic achievement for the people of Salford who committed to the 28 day challenge, and we’re proud of everyone who remained smokefree for the duration of Stoptober.

“The key challenge now is to realise the benefits associated with this period being free from tobacco and to carry this challenge into the future. We are delighted to not only offer our congratulations to those who quit tobacco over this period, but also to offer the ongoing tobacco cessation support services of the Foundation to ensure as many as possible quit tobacco for good”.

Salford Red Devil Manager and Tackle Smoking Foundation Ambassador Brian Noble added, “It’s great to see so many took part, and we hope as many as possible take up the challenge to quit for good beyond Stoptober.

“For example our Foundation and local stop smoking services are doing a great job, and last year thousands of people successfully quit with their help. Research shows that by using local stop smoking services you are four times more likely to quit than going it alone, so please get in touch for support.”

The average smoker has 13 cigarettes a day which equates to 364 cigarettes every four weeks. Stoptober would have saved them £141 each over four weeks and if they remain smokefree, they could save £423 by Christmas and £1,696 in a year.

Collectively, if all Stoptober participants in the North West quit for the 28 days this month they would have saved over £3.9million..

Andrea Crossfield, Director of Tobacco Free Futures, the North West regional body responsible for tackling tobacco said “Stoptober has been a huge success. As well as saving money, everyone that managed to stay smokefree will already be experiencing significant physical improvements including a better sense of smell and taste and more energy. Longer term, these quitters will reduce their risk of heart disease and lung cancer as well as protecting others from their secondhand smoke. Quitting smoking is the single best thing you can do for your health and bank balance today.”

Tobacco Free Futures has supported local authorities with the promotion of the national stop smoking campaign in the North West.  Stoptober is backed by a huge number of supporters - including celebrities, charities, sports clubs and stop smoking services - Stoptober has helped thousands of people try and stay free from cigarettes through support packs, a 28 day app, social media activities and tips and advice from a host of celebrity well-wishers.  

It is not too late to start your own 28-day challenge – for more information visit www.stoptober.smokefree.nhs.uk or contact SRDFoundation Health Officer Danny Doherty on 0161 820 2739 for additional information.