Foundation in driving seat with Kids Wheelz


Foundation helps youngsters on right track

Salford City Reds Foundation are no strangers to getting involved with innovative new schemes. They are also no strangers to helping local people learn to drive as part of helping them get back to work, but their latest scheme is even more exciting. The Foundation has teamed up with local driving provider Kids Wheelz to offer something a bit different to youngsters aged 11 to 16 years old. Using the facilities at the Salford City Stadium, the 2 organisations are now offering young people the chance to get a head start on their driving skills before they can formally begin at 17.

Kids Wheelz was set up to educate 11/16 year olds on how to drive a motor car, giving them the same training that 17 year olds get when their have their driving lessons. We have a 20 strong team of fully qualified DSA approved driving instructors who are fully CRB checked and have over 100
years of driver training experience between them. Featured in today’s picture is Salford City Reds very own mascot Neville the Devil alongside Kids Wheelz staff and some of the Foundation’s young apprentices and volunteers.

A recent report showed that by teaching drivers from a younger age and over a longer period of time it gives them a better understanding of safer driving and can reduce road traffic accidents from newly passed drivers by up to 40%. So working together with Salford City Reds Foundation we are able to offer high quality instruction at a reduced cost.

The aim of Kids Wheelz and Salford City Reds Foundation is to help your child gain a valuable life experience and instil discipline so that when the time comes to take their driving test, you as a parent will be happy in the knowledge that they have already earned a wealth of experience behind
the wheel.

Kids Wheelz very own Shane Limer was enthusiastic about the new partnership, saying “we knew Salford City Reds Foundation always like to get involved with something a bit different. They are always looking to offer more to the local community so the opportunity to team up couldn’t be missed. We are very pleased with how things have started here at the Salford City Stadium and look forward to working with more people throughout the year”

For more information about the scheme and how you can take advantage please visit our website at ,find us on Facebook or please contact a member of the Salford City Reds Foundation team via 0161 820 2739 or