New Tackle Cancer Ambassador


Meet the New Tackle Cancer Ambassador - Steve Hindley

Salford Red Devils Foundation are delighted to be able to announce, Steve Hindley, 67 from Boothstown, as our new charity ambassador for the foundation supporting Tackle Cancer activity.
Steve’s ambassador role was confirmed earlier today after a couple of weeks involved with the foundation. Steve a Salford born lad grew up around the Irlam of the Height area but now lives in Boothstown.
In 2004 Steve was diagnosed with prostate cancer and an aggressive form at that therefore it had to be dealt with quickly. Now almost 10 years since diagnosis, Steve is looking to help the foundation to raise men’s awareness of various cancer types.
Steve told us his story in the hopes of others learning from it with the possibility of saving someone’s life.
“Having always been health conscious and getting any lumps and bumps checked out. I had been having problems passing urine. I went to my GP, told him my problem and after a series of check's I was finally diagnosed with prostate cancer. 
I had a biopsy done at Salford Royal, It’s not as painful as people perceive. When I heard the news I had cancer I was taken aback I wasn’t sure what to think. Most people think cancer means a death sentence. Well it’s not, especially with the advancement in medical science and I’m here as proof of that. 
I have always been a believer of positivity and how a positive mental attitude can have an effect on the body. The mind is able to remove the limiters that we put on ourselves. I believe to this day that my positivity helped me through my treatment. It wasn’t all plain sailing I had a few complications and that was when positivity was most important. 
Since my treatment I get regular check-ups every 6 months and up to now I am over 9 years clear. Getting yourselves checked regularly is of upmost importance, it can pick up any problems you may have early drastically increasing survival chances. 
A major problem with men is we tend to brush problems under the carpet or bottle them up inside thinking problems will go away on their own. Early diagnosis saves lives, this can only be done through seeing your GP if you have any health issues.
Don’t be concerned about bothering your GP with health issues that is what they are there for. The health service tells you to get any unusual changes to your body checked out. The worst case is cancer but with the advancements in medical science early stage cancer is easily treatable as happened to me."
Hear Steve talk about the Tackle Cancer initiative at the Cancer Awareness game on our Youtube site HERE
For more information on the Tackle Cancer programme or to get involved contact the foundation on 0161 820 2739, Follow us @SRDFoundation or find us on Facebook HERE.