Reds Continue to Tackle Cancer


Following International Cancer Awareness Day (Feb 4th) these Awareness events are part of our ongoing successful partnership with NHS Salford, aiming to increase awareness of important health related issues to the residents of Salford and beyond.

Salford City Reds Foundation have been working with NHS Salford for some time now on a number of issues that see staff from both organisations work together to raise awareness in the local community about issues surrounding cancer, the symptoms to be mindful of and the benefits of early detection and treatment.Check out our awareness video -

In Salford approximately one quarter of all deaths are as a result of Cancer related illnesses, with the likelihood that Cancer has impacted upon the lives in one way or another on most if not all in attendance today. Furthermore, seventy seven additional men die each year compared to the natural average. The hidden tragedy of the statistics lie in that three quarters of lung and half of bowel, stomach and gullet cancers are diagnosed late, further reducing treatment successes.

Putting off visiting a GP is one of the reasons for late diagnosis. We know that being diagnosed with Cancer in its early stages leads to a much better survival rate, but do you know the symptoms to watch out for?

Through our Tackle Cancer initiative, our activity with Salford NHS aims to highlight such issues, encouraging people to be aware of possible symptoms as well as how to seek advice. 

SCRF have found that many of our supporters and those who participate with our community programmes often engage with us more comfortably that if they were to visit their GP. A high percentage of our supporters are aged 50+, and SCRF look to raise awareness amongst these people.

Please feel encouraged to speak to our team of advisers from NHS Salford that you will see at the stadium today regarding any questions or comments you have on the issues discussed here. We hope that by using our community and the informal nature of the match day experience to engage with our family of supporters, friends and employees to ensure they understand the symptoms and to visit their GP immediately should they experience any.

The NHS is currently advertising its Know 4 sure information which relates into what we are doing. Look out for it on the TVs around the stadium.
There are 4 key signs to look for

1. Unexplained blood that doesn’t come from an obvious injury

2. An unexplained lump

3. Unexplained weight loss, significant to you

4. Any type of pain that doesn’t go away

The chances are these symptoms are nothing to worry about, but it is always worth getting checked out.
If you notice any unexplained change in your body tell your doctor.
Finding Cancer early makes it far more treatable and could save your life.

For further information please visit or contact Danny Doherty (Health Officer at Salford City Reds Foundation) at and 0161 820 2739