SRDFoundation Support TRY Reading Initiative



Last week saw the final game of the season, though while the season comes to the end on the pitch for the team, we at the foundation continue to work hard pursuing our program of sports, health and education initiatives that utilise our platform as a Rugby Club while inspiring people in the community.


A great example of one such initiative can be seen with our support of the TRY Reading programme, a programme aimed at encouraging reading alongside World Cup 2013 build up.


Library services are working in with Rugby League organisation partnerships to promote and celebrate the Rugby League World Cup 2013 and to get more people reading.  In the North West, library services will be encouraging people to TRY Reading.


The TRY Reading project is being funded by the National Lottery, supporting grants for the arts libraries fund.  It is among the first projects to have received an award through this fund and it recognises the positive links that can be made between sport and the arts.


Over 150 events, including author talks, writing workshops and drama events will take place across the area between April and November 2013. Libraries will be working with local clubs and supporters’ groups as well as schools and other interested organisations.


There will be events, activities and competitions for the whole family throughout the year, which will culminate in the tournament in October and November.


Martin Gaw, Arts Council England’s Libraries Relationship Manager for the North West said, ‘Rugby League is an important part of the culture and identity of localities across the North and the Rugby League World Cup 2013 is a really significant event. TRY Reading will play a major role in the arts and cultural programme which the Rugby League was keen should surround the tournament and it’s a great opportunity to reach new audiences.’


Salford Reds Devils Foundation Manager Mark Brocklehurst said, “We are pleased to lend our support to such a great initiative that not only celebrates the premier competition of our sport, but also focuses on furthering the benefits reading can bring to individuals and communities. TRY Reading will not only celebrate the excitement that hosting the World Cup this year will surely bring, but also increase engagement and reading based skills with this innovative and unique project.”


Members of the TRY reading team, as well as members of the regions library services were at the stadium last week to discuss this initiative with you as well as hand out a few goodies.


For further information concerning this project, or any other Salford Red Devils Foundation Health, Education or Sports initiative, please contact the Foundation Offices on 0161 820 2739. Alternatively visit our social media sites @SRDFoundation on Twitter or Salford Red Devils Foundation on Facebook.