Statement: Buile Hill Mansion


Statement: Buile Hill Mansion.  

SRDF wishes to clarify its position regarding its involvement in the possible development of Buile Hill Mansion, after an inaccurate representation prematurely appeared in the local press. 


SRDF exists simply because it is crucial for a professional sports club to invest heavily in a whole range of community activities for the benefit of local people. All connected to Salford Red Devils believe in this. SRDF has been successfully dedicated to that mission for over ten years and are committed to doing this from its base at the AJ Bell Stadium.


That said, SRDF are always looking out for other opportunities to grow and are currently looking at a number of possible development sites, which could extend our operational facilities for the good of the community and allow the organisation to grow. 


Activities around Buile Hill are highly emotive for a lot of people and as such we do not want to get hopes up or overstate any potential plans. That said, SRDF are as keen as any local resident to see the Buile Hill site fully utilised for the benefit of the local community and if we can play a part going forward, we certainly will try to do so.


Any involvement of SRDF in this particularly complex project, at this stage, is very much in its infancy, but we will make public aware, in due course, should material progress be made.