BUPA Activ-Eat Day at Salford Red Devils Foundation


Friday 29th November saw the Salford Red Devils Foundation host St Joseph The Worker Primary School and a team from BUPA Salford Quays for our monthly Activ-Eat day. Held on the last Friday of the month, the event sees Foundation Community coaching staff partner with the staff from BUPA to promote healthy eating and healthy lifestyle choices to primary school children from across Salford.

Friday saw St Joseph’s Year 5 class visit the Salford City Stadium for a day of activities focusing around promoting healthy eating. The day consisted of a range of activities; including, smoothie making, fruits of the world tasting, a stadium tour including meeting first team players as well as a host of fun games and quizzes concerning healthy eating. Being mindful of the role sport and exercise plays in forming healthy lifestyles, an afternoon of activity and sports also plays an important part of the day.

Such activity forms a significant role in the Salford Red Devils Foundations community remit, to promote health and education to the local community via sport. Health Officer Danny Doherty said, “Healthy eating and lifestyle choices are an important part for happy, healthy and productive lives, and we are proud to support such activity in the community with the support of the BUPA team.

“Getting younger people and children engaged with such healthy lifestyle choices early on, is vital in supporting positive lifestyle choices, and our activity day is designed to reinforce such proactive choices”.

Leading the team from BUPA on the activity day was Employee Engagement Manager Gary Looker. Gary said, “Teaching children and communities the benefits of healthy lifestyle choices is a key element of our community activity, as healthy lifestyle choice both support proactive and happy lives, as well as play a preventative role in terms of future health.

“Helping people achieve longer, healthier, happier lives is fundamental to our ethos at BUPA, and engaging our staff with members of our community in activity such as today’s Active-Eat day is an important element of our activity here”.

For additional information regarding SRDFoundation’s Health initiatives or work within schools, please contact our community offices on 0161 820 2739. To keep up to date with the latest SRDFoundation news visit us on Facebook or Twitter @SRDFoundation.