Activities in Trafford

Activities in Trafford


Rugby League has a sporadic history within the Trafford area, but there has been a severe lack of a presence since the demise of the old Trafford Borough team. After the success of the Reds’ development work in Manchester it was decided that we would push back our boundaries even further and employ a Trafford RL Development Officer..SHS logo

Since 2009 SRD Foundation has been working at developing links within the Borough of Trafford and now enjoys excellent relationships with local schools and Trafford Council. 2 hub areas have developed within Trafford – one around Blessed Thomas Holford High School in Altrincham and another at Stretford High School in Stretford Success has been thick and fast with high schools competing regularly in the sport’s national schools competition, with individual players progressing on toSalford Red Devils professional player development pathways.

SRDF are looking for players, coaches and administrators to get involved with the following local clubs

  • North Trafford Titans community rugby league club - Stretford
  • South Trafford Raiders community rugby league club - Altrincham

BTH SchoolOur community programme is not just limited to rugby league development in Trafford, but is much broader and far reaching. SRDF enjoys an excellent partnership with Trafford Housing Trust, which sees us working together on a number of community schemes including THT’s Apprenticeship programme.

In fact the pinnacle of the sport’s international calendar will be held in Trafford next November, when the Rugby League World Cup arrives on these shores. The final is being played at Old Trafford and SRDF are working with a number of partners to ensure the legacy of the competition lives on.

As part of the commitment to see rugby league in Trafford grow, SRD Foundation have established the Trafford Rugby League Development Group with local partners and stakeholders. The Development Group’s governance structures such as its committee and bank account provide a sound basis to help rugby league grow. All activities of this group are heavily supported by SRDF’s staff and resources.


For more information about rugby league and all of SRD Foundation’s activities within the Borough of Trafford please contact Sara Davis on 07872 490173 or email