Tackling Cancer

Tackling Cancer


Alongside our Tackle Smoking campaign, SRDF are commissioned to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of a number of cancers amongst Salford’s 50+ year old male population. SRDF works with a number of local partners including NHS Salford and Salford Royal Hospital to use the vehicle of Salford Red Devils and its community programmes to engage a hard to reach part of the population.

In Salford approx. ¼ of all deaths are due to Cancer and 77 additional men die of cancer each year in Salford compared to the national average. This is because 3/4s of lung and half of bowel, stomach and gullet cancers are diagnosed late. The list below includes some of the signs of such cancers:

Some Signs & Symptoms: Cancer type:
Blood in poo or persistent looser poo Bowel cancer
Cough for more than 3 weeks Lung cancer
Difficulty and/ or pain swallowing for more than a week Gullet cancer
Unexplained indigestion, heartburn and burping Stomach cancer
Unexplained weight loss All cancer types

It is highly recommended that should you think you are suffering from any symptoms then go straight to your GP. Chances are these symptoms are nothing to be worried about but it is worth getting them checked out

SRDF will use our community programme and the resources and facilities of Salford Red Devils to raise general awareness of the dangers of cancer, as well as a comprehensive programme aimed at getting face to face with many 50+ year old males who would not normally engage with traditional 

approaches. SRDF have found many of our fans engage with us more comfortably than if they were to visit a GP surgery.

SRDF use an approach that features activities such as online questionnaires, website articles, PR using first team players and contact time with existing 50+ year old participants, such as those on a game day and those who come through our Silver Surfer ICT programme.

A big Foundation success is the use of the game day experience to raise awareness of the Tackle Cancer initiative throughout the season. While Pre match and post events and PR plans are utilised to raise awareness, further successes came in pre match questionnaires to fans, as well as the first team warming up in ‘Be Clear on Cancer’ t-shirts and local press coverage. We look forward to undertaking this activity regularly over the course of the year.

For more information about the Tackle Cancer initiative including how to get you or your group involved, please contact Joanne Shepherd on 07717 762879 or email joanne.shepherd@thereddevils.net

NHS Salford