Tackling Family Weight

Tackle Family Weight


Tackle Family Weight is our new 12 month city wide preventative programme using an innovative 2 phase approach to engage with Salford’s family units and their children aged 6 - 16 years through the delivery of activity provision and working in partnership with primary schools, secondary schools, grassroots clubs and community groups across Salford.

The Foundation will use the ‘Tackle Family Weight’ scheme to support Salford’s Health and Wellbeing Boards stated outcomes focusing around young people and encouragement of all to lead a healthy lifestyle specifically looking to support the ‘promoting healthy weight at primary school age’ and the provision of services which ‘positively influence individual and neighbourhood and wellbeing’.

Overall project aims:

  • Engage whole family units to take part in physical activity (pa) together
  • Promote benefits of pa to those currently inactive
  • Remove assumption of elitism
  • Break generational cycle of inactivity – mum / dad don’t exercise so kids don’t either (no role models) – encourage children to start as young as possible
  • Removing the barriers faced by parents toward being physically active such as childcare, time and cost

Delivery consists of:

  • Afterschool clubs for both parents and pupils to take part together in rugby / multisports session
  • Afterschool club where parents participate in separate fitness bootcamp and pupils participate in rugby / multisports session
  • Healthy lifestyle assemblies (pupils aged 6 to 16 years)
  • Stadium contact where children and families will take part in fun activities

For more information on all our Tackle Health related activity please contact Joanne Shepherd on 0161 820 2739, 07717 762879 or joanne.shepherd@thereddevils.net

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