Pass It On - Celebrating Historical Sporting Success


Pass It On – SCRF Celebrating Sporting Success Across the Ages

Salford and the North West are associated with many fine historical moments, contributing greatly to the worlds of art, engineering and industry. However, perhaps  the regions greatest contributions of all are best illustrated in reference to sporting success.


While the successes of the regions sports teams and people are known the world over, it is in the communities closer to home where the memories perhaps live longest and are most cherished.


With such considerations, it is the regions historical sporting successes that Salford City Reds Foundation hopes to celebrate through a series of events over the coming months. Targeting the regions over 65’s, SCRF wish to celebrate sporting successes our community hold dear, as well as the role the regions sports fans have had in celebrating at the time, keeping alive over the years through their retelling and now, subsequently, passing these stories on to the next generation.


Through events at the Salford City Reds Museum, as well as talks and presentations from our older community members, we hope to not only provide sports fans from our community an opportunity to discuss and relive their favourite sporting moments, but the chance to pass them on to the next generation.


It is hoped that while this SCRF “Pass it On” sporting memory initiative with strengthen communication and engagements between different sections of our community, giving a platform to come together and relive and discuss cherished memories, this initiative will also open the door allowing participants to benefit from additional SCRF services, such as Tackle Unemployment as well as SCRF Health initiatives.


Health Officer at SCRF DNNY Doherty said, “We’d love to hear from sports fans in the region whom are 65 years old or more, that would like to share their favourite sporting stories with us. It hopefully gives us a fantastic opportunity to both make great use of the museum space we have here, while engaging with older community members through engagement over our shared passion for the regions historical sports successes.”


Danny continued, “We hope to use this project to provide the basis for a series of talks, workshops and presentations at the Salford City Reds Museum to foster engagement with and within our community, while reliving the regions successes of yester year with those who were there at the time”.


If you or a relative or friend may be interested, we encourage you to contact SCRFoundation Officer Danny Doherty on or on 0161 820 2739 to share your favourite sporting memories and to register your interest in our Museum events and workshops.


For further information on this or any other Salford City Reds Foundation activity, please visit our Twitter profile @SCRFoundation. Alternatively, please contact our office on 0161 820 2739.