Tackle Cancer Unveils New Ambassador


We at the foundation are delighted to announce Ryan McGoldrick as our new ambassador for our Tackle Cancer and Be Clear on Cancer activity. Supporting SCRF in our efforts to raise awareness of the areas around cancer and related health issues, Ryan will add real weight to our work in reaching communities and individuals who may have been affected by cancer. It is hoped as well as this, our activity with Ryan will also encourage community members to take a proactive approach in consideration of cancer issues, prompting health awareness and regular consultation with relevant health professionals.


Celebrating this partnership, SCRF Health Officer Danny Doherty met with Ryan McGoldrick to discuss how cancer has affected his life and family relationships, as well as discussing advice on prevention and coping with such trauma.


With Danny asking Ryan about his experiences with cancer, Ryan said, “Well, originally being from Australia, we live a hugely outdoor lifestyle. We live, work and play in the sunshine. While now there is a massive amount of work, education and communication done concerning skin care and skin cancer prevention.


“The last couple of years have been great in terms of progression on this, though this hasn’t always been the case. My mum was a typical sun worshipper, never being out of the sun and not using skin care and sun protection. Tanned and brown and healthy, though obviously, now, at huge risk.


“With skin cancer problems, while it starts off with one issue, it can soon lead to further complications. Having had a number of procedures and operations, with cancer things can quickly get progressively more complicated and serious, which affect the whole family.


“In regards to advice on how to deal with this happening, it’s tough for anyone at any time, though I particularly found things difficult being 12,000 miles away from home in Australia. It really hits home on the phone calls, and as a family and with friends you support each other as best you can.


“You also rely on professional support and professionals where possible, and it’s good to see that in Australia there is so much communication around this area now. With regards to health and cancer prevention there really is a lot of information, education and conversation out there now, which encourage prevention and help, which you really don’t see here in the UK.


“Here it seems more hidden and not talked about, which is really key to reducing problems in the future. Whether it’s promotion of sun screen and protecting yourself, eating healthy and stopping smoking, or even regular checks and speaking to your GP, there are many ways to protect yourself from problems later in life.


“If supporting such activity such as this with the Foundation here is in any way beneficial to this, then that’s fantastic. I would encourage anyone to make use of the support and initiatives on offer here at the Foundation and reduce the risk of such dilemmas occurring later in life”.


Ryan spent time with Health Officer Danny Doherty to discuss issues surrounding cancer, having joined Salford City Reds this season from Hull FC. Having enjoyed a career in both Super League and NRL, as well as playing Union code, Ryan has also been capped internationally by the USA Rugby League team. We are delighted to be working with Ryan to promote our Cancer Awareness and Health initiatives and encourage community members to make use of a range of health initiatives here at the Foundation that offer support in this area.


For further information please contact SCRF Health Officer Danny Doherty on 0161 820 2739, or follow us on Twitter @SCRFoundation and Facebook