Founders Walk 2015


The Foundation held a Founders Walk on Thursday 23rd July, starting at Wheater’s Field in Broughton to Buille Hill Park.


The walk was in celebration of the RFL & Rugby League Cares impressive 120th anniversary.

Following the walk, attendees were invited for light refreshments and snacks. Children also took part in a range of fun activities, making it a real family day.


We would like to say a special thank you to all groups in attendance;

  • Bury Broncos
  • Manchester Rangers
  • Rugby league Cares staff
  • South Trafford Raiders
  • SRDF
  • Salford Police
  • Salford Council


The walk marked a fantastic event and a superb opportunity to raise money for the club, allowing us to resume our in-depth work within the local community.

Thank you again to everyone involved.

Please keep your eyes peeled for any further events. Follow us on Twitter @SRDFoundation or get in touch on 0161 786 1591 for any more information.