Animalates is run in a similar way to Sky Try delivery where the programme is delivered for 5 weeks.

Animalates is designed for KS1 years and works around fundamental skills of Rugby League with a fun twist using videos and sessions based around physical literacy.

Animalates is a Physiologist-designed exercise programme that uses skills fundamentally from Pilates but also Yoga, Aerobics and Dance. Using elements and characters taken from the Animal Kingdom to make it appealing and engaging for children. The sessions are delivered in 5 week blocks, children learn to run like Cheeky the cheetah, pass like Mikey the monkey, catch like Roo the kangaroo, step like Snap the croc and kick like Pat the penguin. Using interactive video content the participants get up on their feet and enjoying focused exercise.

The sessions begin with a warm up and introduction to movements related to a skill. Children can get up and dance and are encouraged to get involved as much as possible by the coach. Next the children compete in an Animalates challenge; this is where all of the skills they have learnt come together. The main activities the children play different games that relate specifically to the skill they are learning. The final part of the session the children do a cool down, this is designed to calm the participants down and get them ready to go back to the classroom. Children have time to cool down and recap what they have learnt during the session.

The use of Animalates within schools is designed not only to increase the amount of general exercise children receive during the school day, but also as a tool for teachers to help pupils prepare to learn more efficiently. We use the interactive videos to engage children and focus them. Tracy Crouch, Sports Minister said “A positive experience of sport and physical activity at a young age can help encourage a lifetime of participation” (Taken from Sport England: Active lives surveys)

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