Salford City Reds launch Tackle Cancer competition

Salford City Reds launch Tackle Cancer competition


Salford City Reds Foundation’s Tackle Cancer programme is continuing into its 2nd year as the club’s Foundation looks to raise awareness amongst Salford’s 50+ year old males of the signs and symptoms of a number of cancer types. In the event of any issues all advice is to consult your GP immediately and this is a key message the Foundation is keen to get out. The Foundation know it is hard for many men to take such information on board, but after some market research have decided to incentivise local men to get in touch to find out a bit more.


With that in mind, SCR Foundation have launched a competition with a prize for entry and a chance of winning some fantastic hospitality for 2 at both the Hilton Deansgate and a Salford City Reds 2013 Super League match of your choice. All valid entrants will be given a pair of VIP match tickets for a 2013 Super League match as a prize for getting in touch.


Entrants must be male, living in Salford and aged 50+ years old. All you have to do is contact the Foundation via 0161 820 2739 or by Thursday 31st January and answer this simple question - “who should you go and see in the event that you have any concerns about cancer related symptoms?” – is it a) Reds winger Jodie Broughton or b) your GP?


In Salford approximately one quarter of all deaths are due to Cancer and 77 additional men die of cancer each year in Salford compared to the national average. This is because three quarters of lung and half of bowel, stomach and gullet cancers are diagnosed late.


One of the reasons for late diagnosis is that people delay in going to their GP. We know that being diagnosed with cancer early leads to much better survival rates but not everyone knows what symptoms they should look out for. SCR Foundation has devised the Tackle Cancer initiative to raise awareness of lung, bowel, gullet (food pipe) and stomach cancer symptoms amongst the city’s 50+ year old males.


SCRF have found that many of our fans and those who participate on our community programmes often engage with us more comfortably than if they were to visit a GP practice. A high percentage of our fans are aged 50+ and SCRF look to raise awareness amongst these people SCRF are looking to use our community facilities and the informal nature of the match day experience to talk to local residents and ensure they understand the symptoms and that they should go straight to their GP should they experience any.


For more information about the Tackle Cancer programme including how to get involved with the competition then please contact the Foundation through Danny Doherty via 0161 820 2739 or