Salford Red Devils Masters


Salford Red Devils Masters 

Over the past couple of years Salford Red Devils Foundation have supported the development of Masters across our local community clubs providing coaching sessions where this opportunity has been taken up.

With this, and hard work from individuals at each club to push from within, we have been able to develop a 'Salford Red Devils Masters' team who will be debuting at our Red Devils home game this weekend playing against Rylands Masters.

The 'Salford Red Devils Masters' team is made up of individuals from across the City regardless of their team affiliation, seeing guys from; Bury Broncos, Cadishead Rhinos, Langworthy Reds and Salford City Roosters all coming together to play which is great. 
A special thank you to Jim Lomax from Salford City Roosters for rounding all of these guys together - a job very well done!
This game in particular is to help promote a new up and coming Mental Health resilience programme for men. More information on this exciting new programme will be available soon involving past and current players within deliver across the board of Rugby League.

If you are interested in being part of 'Salford Red Devils Masters' going forward please make contact with Joanne Shepherd on 0161 7861591 or joanne.shepherd@salfordreddevils.netails