SCRF Stop Smoking Summer 2013


The summer sunshine often brings with it many temptations. Whether enjoying one barbeque too many, reaching for an additional glass of beer to quench a summer thirst, or even just sitting in the sunshine enjoying a cigarette, indulgence always feels better in the sun.


Here at the Salford City Reds Foundation we work actively within the community to further initiatives in relation to sport and education to promote healthy lifestyles. This applies to both healthy eating as well as maintaining responsible drinking levels, though perhaps most prominently of all in regards to quitting and cutting down smoking and tobacco consumption.


As highlighted by NHS Salford, smoking can often be an underlying factor in a range of health and illness related cases, negatively contributing towards a cycle of poor health. We at Salford City Reds Foundation, through a programme offering individual and group support, as well as guided and targeted health and fitness initiatives, hope to provide our community with a valuable tool in the battle for an increasingly healthy, smoke free life.


Our activity is spearheaded by SCRF Health Officer Danny Doherty, who has developed a track record in this area through previous smoking campaigns, such as ‘Face Your Demon’s’.


After a pilot scheme in 2011/12 and a big involvement in the local authorities initiatives, SCRF are continuing to make a big impact in this area locally. Our core aims and objectives around this topic include the following:

• Use the vehicle of Salford City Reds including its players, facilities, website, mascot and game day experience to raise awareness of the dangers of smoking
• Raise awareness of partner providers including Unlimited Potential and NHS Salford via community programme in schools, businesses and community groups.
• Engage smokers to quit or at very least reduce their consumption
• Raise awareness of the dangers to the wider family, the family home and even the family pets


Danny states. “We at SCRF believe we are in a strong position to both provide immediate support to community members wishing to quit or cut down their tobacco intake, while also being able to sign post individuals into other relevant health areas, or indeed provide a route back into sport.


“Sports and healthy lifestyle choices go hand in hand together in helping individuals, families and communities lead more proactive, healthier and indeed happier lives moving forward, as demonstrated by the many, many people we have worked with over the last few years.


“I would encourage any interested individuals, or their partners, to contact me at the foundation for any information on tackling smoking, or indeed our other health initiatives, and to take advantage of our expertise and unique position”.


For additional information please contact Health Officer Danny Doherty on 0161 820 2739 or Alternatively follow us on Twitter @SCRFoundation #SCRFStopsmoking2013