Summer Sports Education Programme Begins


Summer Education Programme Kicks Off

On the 11th July a group of Rathbone teenagers kicked off SCRFoundations Summer activity, attending a day at the SCRFoundation community offices, focusing on health, education and sport.


With a remit of positively engaging with the regions disadvantaged youth, such days make full use of the foundations facilities while hopefully having a positive impact on those individuals who partake in the day.


With a morning of classroom interaction, the day kicked off with an emphasis upon the RFL ‘Tackle It’ programme, designed to resolve issues concerning discrimination and abuse, both in Rugby League and society at large.


With a focus on race, gender, age, faith, disability and sexual orientation, the Tackle It scheme aims to promote understanding and tolerance for such differences within Rugby League and society, while furthering understanding and acceptance.


Following the morning session, further time was spent discussing issues surrounding mental health, social inclusion and healthy eating, utilising SCRFoundation expertise and case studies in order to illustrate such areas and provide discussion points and examples.


Foundation Education Officer Neil Blackburn said, “We always welcome the regions young people to the stadium to make good use of our education, health and sports facilities here. It was great to have the opportunity to work with such an engaged group of teenagers, and further understanding in many of these key areas. We hope that the group took something away from the day and look forward to continuing our programme over the coming months.”


Health Officer Danny Doherty also added, “As we through our research and work know, health is so important for underpinning success in almost every area of life, so have the opportunity to discuss these issues at length with young people is a real aim of our activity here to inspire people to make positive changes for the benefit of themselves and society at large. It was a great day, we are happy to work with others in our community interested or in need of such information and services.”


However, not all of the day was spent in the class room, with sports and rugby league activities taking place on the stadium sports pitches, making full use of a range of facilities at the Salford City Stadium.


For additional information on any of SCRFoundations Health and education programmes, please contact the community offices on 0161 820 2739, or follow on Twitter @SCRFoundation