Sky Try

Sky Try is the highly successful rugby league development programme supported by Sky TV.

This programme is designed to open up the sport to new audiences linked to local primary and high schools. Sky Try has 3 core delivery areas, which are as follows.

  • Year’s 2, 3 and 4 primary school delivery
  • High school delivery, with a focus on progression on to our talent ID pathways.
  • Ensuring participants get access to watch high quality Rugby League

All this activity is focused towards allowing those experiencing the sport for the first time to witness events such as Salford Red Devils’ Super League matches or marquee governing body events such as the Newcastle held Magic Weekend, as the sport looks to make the ‘big games, bigger’.

Year 2 of the initiative was highly successful as the Foundation delivered in schools and community club across Salford, Manchester, Trafford and Bury. Existing school partners received renewed attention with improved resources and many new schools were introduced to the sport for the first time. We also continue to work with community clubs as the primary aim of this programme is to increase player registration numbers.


986 attended the SRD match with Leeds as the Foundation made the ‘Big games, bigger’

By the end of year 3, the partners will have engaged with 2880 High school children.


Sky Try Primary

Sky Try delivers in clusters of primary schools around selected community clubs based in Salford, Trafford, Manchester and Bury. Delivery is focused on 8-9 year olds (Key Stage 2) and introduces them to the sport of Rugby League. Each primary school receives a minimum of 5 weeks consecutive coaching, followed by a next steps event such as a special assembly, participation festival or a game day experience. All primary teachers in the Sky Try project are offered continuing professional development (CPD) to enable them to continue to promote Rugby League as an activity in their school. SRD Foundation works with the local clubs to help upskill coaches at Primary Rugby League age groups through coach development CPD and help with transition of children playing during school to the community club.


By the end of year 3, the partners will have engaged with 3120 primary school children.

For more information on how to get involved please contact Lewis Lockett on 0161 786 1591 or